What is Industrial Disputes

Detailed explanation of Industrial Disputes

Industrial disputes are conflicts, disorder or unrest arising between workers and employers on any ground. Such disputes finally result in strikes, lockouts and mass refusal of employees to work in the organization until the dispute is resolved. So it can be concluded that Industrial Disputes harm both parties employees and employers and are always against the interest of both employees and the employers.

Definitions of Industrial Disputes

As per Patterson:

“Industrial strife constituent militant and organized protest against existing industrial conditions, they are symptoms of industrial unrest in the same way that boils are symptoms of disorder of body.”

Industrial Dispute Act – 1947

“Industrial Dispute is any dispute or difference between the employees and employers or between employers and workmen or between workmen and workmen, which is concerned with the employment or terms of employment or with the conditions of labour of any person.”

Analysis of Industrial Dispute Definition

From the definition it may be concluded that an Industrial Dispute means a conflict or unrest or dispute or any sort of difference between employees and employers which may relate with the employment or the terms of employment or working conditions.

For a dispute to become Industrial Dispute there must be a dispute difference between:


  1. Employers and employees
  2. Employers and workmen
  3. Workmen and workmen


It is connected with the employment or terms of employment or with the conditions of labour.

Principles assigned by courts for judging the nature of disputes

The term Industrial Disputes has been interpreted differently in different situations by courts. So the court has assigned some principles for judging the natures of Industrial Dispute, these principles are as follows:s


  1. The dispute must affect large number of workmen
  2. The dispute should be taken up by the Industry Union
  3. The parties involved in dispute must have direct interest
  4. The consulted demand must become grievance
  5. Workmen can raise Industrial Dispute himself under Section 2A of Industrial Disputes Act -1947